Dance Recordings

All dances are copyrighted by the callers and may not be reproduced by any means. This means you can use the recording wherever you are, but if someone else wants a copy they must order it from this site. Please be respectful.

All recordings are available in mp3 format, are of superior audio quality, and are edited to avoid frustrating errors. The catalog provides some information regarding dance speed and difficulty gradations; please select dances you will most enjoy. Note that pre-pandemic dance speeds are much faster than post-pandemic speeds.

New dances are $1 per tip, unless part of a class set, which are priced according to content. This provides fair compensation to callers for the effort and ability required to produce and deliver this material. You can purchase individual tips.

Class sets are priced according to the effort entailed in developing the complete plan, associated Anki decks, and material tailored to the highly specific point in the lesson plan.

Dances prior to 2020 for which I have exclusive rights are available for free download via a link in the catalog. Other callers on these recordings have provided their written consent to make their work available here.


Orders and payments must go through Zelle (US) or PayPal (non-US) to:
lynette dot bellini, at gmail dot com
Once your payment is received you will be emailed a link where you can download the tips you ordered.

If you are paying through Zelle (preferred in the US), please send a separate email detailing your order.

If you are paying via PayPal (non-US), Place a list of the material you are buying in the PayPal notes section, together with your preferred email address. Please be clear and specific as to exactly what dance, caller, and tips you are ordering. Alternatively you can email me separately at
lynette dot bellini, at gmail dot com with the list of tips you are ordering.

I may set up a more sophisticated ordering system in the future depending on demand and I welcome feedback on this.