Catalog of C4 Dances

All dances are copyrighted by the caller and may not be reproduced by any means. This means you are free to order and dance with others, but if someone else wants a copy they must order and download it from this site.

Placing Orders

If you are in the US, Zelle the cost to lynette dot bellini at gmail dot com and send an email detailing your order.

If you live outside the US, use PayPal to the same address, include exactly which tips or dances you desire in the notes, together with your email address.

You'll receive a link where you can download a zip file containing your order.

C4ImportersMay 2024Vic Ceder, Edited. Moderate level, slower speed. 2 dances, 16 tips. $16 for both or $8 per dance
C4Julie'sFebruary 2024Coop (Lynette), Rob French, Noriko Takahashi featured, guests Bill Van Melle and Michael Bandoian, star tip by Masahiro Kurasawa. Edited. Difficult level, moderate speed. 5 dances, 41 tips. $41 for the weekend or $8 per dance $9 for Dance 2.
C4ImportersNovember 2023Coop (Lynette) Edited. Moderate level and speed. 4 dances, 32 tips. $32 for the weekend or $8 per dance.
C4BerkshiresOctober 2023Vic Ceder and Geo Jedlicka Edited. Usual Berkshires difficulty level. 5 dances, 38 tips. $38 for the weekend (dances vary in number of tips).
C4ImportersSeptember 2023Ben Rubright Edited. Slower, moderate difficulty. 16 tips, 2 dance, $8 each.
C4Julie Shaw's HouseJuly 2023Michael Bandoian Edited. Relatively difficult. 6 tips, $6.
C4BlizzardgateApril 2023Coop (Lynette) with Noriko Takahashi and Geo Jedlicka, three dances, first dance 10 tips all Coop $10. Second and third dances both 9 tips with Geo and Noriko, $9 each. Coop's material is a mix of Importers, Julie's dance, and some easier material. Relatively fast.
C4Julie Shaw's HouseSpring 2023Coop (Lynette) with Rob French and Noriko Takahashi featured, 1 tip Patricia Wahle, 2 tips John Bowman. 27 tips, $27 or $9 for individual dances.
C4OkazakiMarch 2023Ryo Sasakilightly edited moderate C4, 3 tips, $3.
C4FCWNovember 2022Vic Ceder (1 tip), John Hawley (1 tip), 2 tips, $2.
C4ImportersNovember 2022Coop (Lynette), four dances, 32 tips, $32 for all 4 dances or $8 for individual dances.
C4BerkshiresFall 2022Victor Ceder and Osamu Miyabe. 38 tips in 5 dances. $38 for all dances.
C4ImportersFall 2022Coop (Lynette)With Ben Rubright. Two dances, 16 tips $16 for both dances or $8 each.
C4BlizzardgateSpring 2022Coop (Lynette)Material from C-Gulls, Importers, and Julie's Dance (2022) called fast! Two dances, 19 tips total. The first dance has poor audio quality and is free. The second dance, 10 tips, $10.
C4BlizzardgateSummer 2022Coop (Lynette)Material from C-Gulls, Importers, and Julie's Dance (2022) called fast! 11 tips, $11.