Technical Articles on Challenge Concepts

The Mimic Concept by Sue Curtis and Bill Ackerman

The Mimic Concept: Centers and Ends by Sue Curtis

Nose by Masahiro Kurasawa

Detract n or Any Call

Designators and Concepts by Dan Neumann

Dynamic by Leon Eskenazi

Nested Concepts by Bill Heimann

The Straight Concept by Dan Neumann

The Scatter Concept by Dan Neumann

Supercalls: A new class of concepts by Dan Neumann

Star Wars: When Meta-Concepts and Supercalls Collide by Bill Heimann

Supercalls by Lynette Bellini

The Twisted Concept by Clark Baker

Multiple Formations Working Everywhichway by William B. Ackerman and J. Eric Brosius

Fractional Twosome by Scott Morton and Sue Curtis

The Single Concept by J. Eric Brosius

The 3 by 3 Concept by Sue Curtis

The 3 by 1 Concept by Sue Curtis

Dancing the Matrix Concept by Sue Curtis

The Rewind Concept by J. Eric Brosius

Commentary on the "Parallelogram Triple Boxes" Concept by Bill Ackerman

Mental Image Calling by Bill Ackerman and Robert French

Choreographic Rules of Flow in Square Dancing by Lynette Bellini

Mental Image Practice (C4) by Bill Heimann

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