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A class of calls exists which falls in a currently undefined region between call and concept. The members of this class can be defined as those calls/concepts which require another call. So that the members of this class can be referred to simply, I will call them supercalls .

A few examples of supercalls are: Transfer and (Any Call), Busy (Any Call), and Buckle And (Any Call). An incomplete list of such calls can be found below.

Until the Kendall/Curtis weekend of February 1998, the perception of supercalls was that they were calls which required another call. However, both Linda and Sue used them with Echo (e.g. Echo Busy Bounce the Belles). Since Echo is a meta-concept (a concept which requires another concept), it was clear they were being treated as concepts.

If there are no reasons we shouldn't treat them as concepts (and I can see none at this point), this opens the door to some new uses for supercalls. They can be used with meta-concepts such as: Initially, Finally, Random, and Piecewise.

Some examples are:

Initially Buckle And Couple Up
From Waves:
Buckle And Circulate
Finish Couple Up

Finally Buckle And Couple Up
From Waves:
Split Circulate
Buckle And Finish Couple Up

List of Supercalls:
An Anchor But (Any Call)
Breaker (Any Call)
Buckle and (Any Call)
Busy (Any Call)
Catch (Any Call) N
Chain Reaction But (Any Call)
Cover Up But (Any Call)
Eight By (Any Call)
Hubs Trade (Any Call)
Make a Pass But (Any Call)
Release (Any Call)
Replace the Column But (Any Call)
Rims Trade (Any Call)
Rotary (Any Call)
Shadow (Formation) (Any Call)
Tally Ho But (Any Call)
Transfer and (Any Call)
Twin Orbitboard (Any Call)
Twist and (Any Call)
Wheel and (Any Call)

The idea of extending the usage of supercalls (as well as the name) originated with Dan Neumann. He also provided advice on this paper.

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