C3B Teach Series by Sue Curtis

All dances are copyrighted by the caller and may not be reproduced by any means. This means you are free to order and dance with others, but if someone else wants a copy they must order and download it from this site.

Placing Orders

If you are in the US, Zelle the cost to lynette dot bellini at gmail dot com and send an email detailing your order.

If you live outside the US, use PayPal to the same address, include exactly which tips or dances you desire in the notes, together with your email address.

You'll receive a link where you can download a zip file of your order.


This is a complete C3B class, taught primarily by Sue Curtis, with guest appearances by Brian Hanechak and Dave Hofer. The class was taught in 2016 and remains current today (2023), as there have not been any significant changes to the C3B list since that time.

Speed and Difficulty Level:

This is a fast-paced class covering 4-6 calls per week, called to a group where several of the participants had danced C3B before. The C3B calls and concepts are taught before being used, but some of the teaching may be too brief for a group of all new learners. The class also sometimes moves quickly into advanced applications, such as less common starting setups, fractionalization, and use with phantoms. You may, of course, learn at your own pace and dance each session as many times as you wish.

Price and Additional Information

The price for the entire class (21 sessions, 6-8 tips each) is $147. Individual sessions may be purchased for $7 each. Additional information including the calls taught during each session can be found here.