Lynette Bellini's
Dance Recordings


All dances are copyrighted by Lynette Bellini and may not be reproduced by any means. This means you are free to download and use, but if someone else wants a copy they must download it from this site.

Dances are available at A2 and all challenge levels: C1, C2, C3A, C3B, and C4, choreographed and called by Lynette Bellini. The catalog provides both dance speed and difficulty gradations; please select dances you will most enjoy.

As of August 2020 I am making all old recordings for which I have exclusive rights available for download. If other callers appear in these recordings they have provided their written consent for me to make their work available here. All recordings are of superior audio quality and are edited to avoid frustrating errors.

After the pandemic new dances may not be free :)


Please check the catalog for available dances and download whatever interests you.