Sd - A Square Dance Caller's Helper

        4B>   4G>   1B>   1G>

        3G<   3B<   2G<   2B<

RECTIFY coordinate

        4G^   4B^   3BV   3GV

        1G^   1B^   2BV   2GV

Sd: a checker-moving program that is powerful, sophisticated, accurate, and reliable.

Sd and Sdtty are now compiled for 64-bit systems. We believe that all reasonably modern computers can handle this. Version 39.29, the last one for 32-bit systems, will continue to be made available.

The current version of Sd/Sdtty is 39.57, released on Septermber 30, 2023.

The program has support for writing two-couple material. See the release notes and the FAQ file.

Sdtty is no longer precompiled for Linux. You can compile from source files.

There have been a number of recent false positives from anti-virus software, due to that software getting increasingly picky. You may need to disable anti-virus software when downloading. All versions of Sd and Sdtty are scanned before release, and the computer on which Sd is developed is scanned frequently.

There is a "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) file. See the link below.

Sd and Sdtty are distributed under the GNU General Public License. Source files are available below.

Hints for inexperienced users:

(1) You may find that Sd is more user-friendly than Sdtty, particularly if you are having trouble with sessions or abridgement files. It will show you the startup options more clearly. You can type commands at Sd the same way you type at Sdtty. It just looks different.

(2) If in doubt about how to enter some complex call, type part of the call and a question mark. For example, if you want to know how to modify the star turn on a chain reaction, type "chain reac?". Then, following its hint, type "tion, turn the star 1/2".

(3) You may have heard that Sd lets you type complex calls directly, using brackets, as in "catch [motivate] 3". This is true, but you may find it unwieldy if you are accustomed to entering things piecemeal. You can still do it that way. Remember to type "<anything>", not just "<any>". For example, type "catch <anything> 3". (Not sure about that? Type "catch" and a question mark.) Then type the "motivate".

Frequently Asked Questions

Show off!
A sample of fun things Sd can do.
Background and availability info.
Get Sd now!
Be running the latest, fully-functional version on your own Windows PC in minutes.
Or download the program, in source form, for most varieties of Unix You will have to compile it yourself.
You should be able to compile a version for a Mac by downloading the sources and typing "make" in a terminal window.
Browse or download documents about Sd, including the release notes and the users manual.
Source Code
This is the source code for Sd and Sdtty. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Want to report a bug or ask a question?  Email <>.

For general info on square dancing, see the Western Square Dancing site.
Time-stamp: "17 June 2023"