Sd - Downloading for PC Compatibles

Both Sd and Sdtty are available for PC compatibles running Windows.  (Note: summary of availability.)  They run under Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 10, Windows 3.1, or DOS. They may run under Windows 8.

Sdtty (but not Sd) is available for Linux on 64-bit hardware.

For Windows, you can download the file "install.exe" from this web page onto your computer. It contains both Sd and Sdtty, and a copy of the manual and release notes. You can also download the documentation files shown below. The documentation files contain the same documents, packed into convenient form, that you can browse or download from the Documentation page.

  1. Download the file(s) from your Web browser. 

    The new installation procedure for Sd and Sdtty on Windows is much more user-friendly than before, but it always installs into the folder "C:\Sd". (Software that can install to other folders and still make correct shortcut icons costs $250.) If you have a different calling program in that directory (e.g. SRC Sd), the installation program will offer to save that program elsewhere. Users wishing to have both Sd/Sdtty and SRC Sd installed on their Windows computer will need to ensure that SRC Sd is in some folder other than "C:\Sd". I do not know how serious or widespread this problem will be. If this creates difficulties for you, please let me ( know. Do not download this program if you want to keep SRC Sd and you do not understand this issue or its workaround.

    The program is no longer actively maintained for Windows 3.1 or DOS. If you must download install3.exe below, you will get version 34.7.

    There have been a number of recent false positives from anti-virus software, due to that software getting increasingly picky. You may need to disable anti-virus software when downloading. All versions of install.exe are scanned for viruses before release, and the computer on which Sd is developed is scanned frequently.

    You can also download the documentation files in "bulk" form to your computer.

    Use these for Windows or DOS:

    Use these for Linux or other varieties of Unix:
  2. Launching any or all of these:
     > textdoc
     > psdoc
     > pdfdoc

    will unpack the requested documentation files.

  3. You may now delete the .exe or .tgz files or save them for backup purposes.

  4. If you are upgrading from a previous version, read the Release Notes.

See also Downloading Sd for other varieties of Unix.
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