Lynette Bellini's
Dance Recordings


All dances are copyrighted by Lynette Bellini and may not be reproduced by any means.

Dances are available at all challenge levels: C1, C2, C3A, C3B, and C4, choreographed and called by Lynette Bellini. The catalog provides both dance speed and difficulty gradations; please select dances you will most enjoy.

These dances are available in MD (mini-disk) and mp3 (on CD) formats. All recordings are of superior audio quality and are edited to avoid frustrating errors.

We will make sure you get new dances on re-orders. Each single dance is $15. Where multiple dances are listed from a particular weekend, each of the dances will be a separate or MD.


Please check the catalog for available and scheduled dances.

Please email your order to Please order by number and description. State preference for MD or mp3. Include your phone number and shipping address.

You will receive a response with my address (for checks/money order payment), and a PayPal link (for credit card payment). I prefer a check from US residents; Paypal charges a fee and I'm providing this as a service to non-US residents.

US residents, please add shipping and handling of $2 per MD or CD, or $5 total for 3 or more. Overseas residents, please add $4 per MD or CD or $9 total for 3 or more.