Sd Helper by John Bowman

SDHelper is a simple program designed to assist the caller in using all the calls on a particular list, as well as to stimulate the creative juices by "suggesting" which calls should be used next. The program allows you to read a list of calls into a list box. About 9 calls are displayed in the list box, however the user may scroll down to find more calls, or drag on the bottom of the window to make the lists longer. Calls which are used are moved into another list box. Calls may be sorted in alphabetical order, or shuffled into random order.

Reference the User Guide for installation instructions and screenshots of the tool in action, together with directions on how to use it. Two versions of SDhelper are available, one with scrollable tabs and one without. It may be easiest to begin with the non-scrolling version.

Create a folder named sdhelper. Download the default call list zip file and the SDhelper7.jar and/ or the SDhelper7S.jar file into the folder. Unzip the file.

Scrolling: SDhelper7s.jar
Non-Scrolling: SDhelper7.jar

Zip file of lists containing lists of calls to use withSd Helper. Unzip this file into the sdhelper directory.