C4: Calls, Week 5

(Right/Left) Anchor
(Any Tagging Call) Eroo
Bail Out
Break the Alamo
n/4 Chain and Circulate In
Clear the Centers for A (Call)
Clover the Horn
Clover the Wave
Cloverleaf Turn
Convert the Triangle
Criss Cross the Diamond
Cross and Divide
Cross Linear Cycle
Cross to Diamond/Hourglass/Interlocked Diamond
Crosstown Roll
(Anyone) Curve (direction)
Dixie Chain
Dixie Daisy
Derby/Dixie Derby
Flare the Star
In/Out Roll to a Wave
Mix the Line
Open Ups (Any Call)
Push Open the Gate
Remember the Alamo
Reverse the Diamond
Right On
Rip the Line
Roll the Wave
Round the Horn
Sashay Thru
Ship Ahoy
Snap the Diamond
Spin a Wheel
Spin Chain and Circulate In
Spin chain and Circulate the Gears
Straightfire/Straight Connect
Swing Chain Calls
Tap the Anyone
Touch Tone
Trim the Web
Triple Turn
Trixie Spin
Turn and Left Thru
Turn By

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