C4: Calls, Week 2

Alter the Diamond
An Anchor (But)
Barge Thru
Bring Us Together
Buckle And (Any Call)
(Any Call) Cover Up (But)
Create a Diamond
Curl Apart
Easy Does It
Fall Into A Column
Follow and Cross/Criss Cross
Fan the Gate (Any Call)
Go First Class
Hang Loose
Hot Foot Spin
Kick the Habit
Lock Em Up
Long Trip
Mark Time
Nip and Tuck
Pass the Top
Relay the Diamond
Scoot Apart
Short Trip
Single Scoot and Trade
Soft Touch (Any Call)
Strike Out
Stroll Down the Lane
Touch of Class
Turn Away
Vertical Turn and Deal
Wheel To a Diamond | Hourglass | ILD
1/4 | 3/4 Wheel to A Diamond Hourglass | ILD
Wipe Out
With Finesse

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