LaTex Macro Packages for Making Square Dance Documents

LaTeX is not for the faint of heart. A good guide is this 138-page book: Latex in 157 minutes: The (Not So) Short Introduction to Latex by Tobias Oetiker.

Hard-core users might want this other 1090-page book: The Latex Companion (Tools and Techniques for Computer Typesetting) by Frank Mittelbach , Michel Goossens, et al.

Except as noted below, all of these packages are to be used with LaTeX 2e. There was a much older program, LaTeX 2.09, that very early versions of these packages used. It has long been obsolete.

You will probably want to invoke LaTeX with the command "pdflatex", to produce a pdf file.

The files "sd.sty", "sd-pf.sty", "sd-sf.sty", and "sd-sf12.sty" are intended to be used together, with a document beginning with something like:





These files should be downloaded into the working directory in which pdflatex is invoked. They constitute a sort of "markup language", in which the author writes explicit function invocations to get the desired setup diagrams.

The file "latex-squares.sty" has something of a "What Sd Writes is What You Get" (WSWIWYG) flavor, in which setup diagrams can be directly pasted from Sd output into the input of LaTeX.

The two flavors of usage can be used together in the same document; they shouldn't interfere with each other.

The file "sd-standalone.sty" is intended to make standalone diagrams, rather than a complete document, for insertion into another document, the latter perhaps formatted by a different formatting system such as Microsoft Word.






If using the "standalone" package, you must download these three files.

**** They must be downloaded into %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\MiKTeX\miktex\tex\latex\standalone on Windows 10 machines. ****




There is an older "tex-squares.sty" file that is obsolete, including a version that used LaTeX 2.09. Among other things, it interferes with the "sd.sty" file, corrupting page numbers in the header. You should convert your files from that format (with things like "display3") to the style of "sd.sty".



Here is short example of a document prepared with these style files. It is several years old, and the concept being discussed is long obsolete. It is presented only as an example of how one can use these packages.