Importers Dance Location

We will be dancing at:
Lake Hinsdale Village Clubhouse
1 Clubhouse Drive
Willowbrook, IL 60527

Complete Directions to Lake Hinsdale Village Clubhouse (pdf)
Complete Directions to Lake Hinsdale Village Clubhouse (docx)

The only entrance to the complex is on the south side (star), just west of the intersection of Route 83 and 67th St.

  1. Enter the property, turn right at the stop sign just inside the entrance.
  2. Follow Lake Hinsdale Dr. around the perimeter (counter-clockwise).
  3. Turn left at Clubhouse Circle which is the second stop sign after the one at the entrance. (Note: There's an iron gate and it looks like the road ends.)
  4. After the turn, the road looks like it splits; stay to the left and you are in the parking lot of the clubhouse.
The only "near the building" parking is for those autos with handicapped tags.
The center third of the floor is a normal wooden dance floor which can hold one or perhaps two squares. The outer sections have a low-pile carpet. So, depending on numbers, please be prepared to dance some of the time on carpeting.

We are using this weekend as a test (and will be interested in your feedback, if you attend). If deemed successful, it could be our permanent dance home.

Below is contact information for three nearby motels (all in Willowbrook, IL 60527). They are about 2-3 miles from the dance hall. We have no specific recommendations or comments on them; they were chosen for proximity.

Contact Bill or Carol Heimann if you have other questions.