C4: Concepts, Week 2

Commonspot (Formation)
Diagonal Columns/Lines
Distorted Formation
Drag the Anyone
First | Middle | Last Fraction Concept
Fraction Stable
Grand Working (Direction)
Rolling/Flowing/Veering/Sweeping Call
Interlocked Phantom Boxes
Head | Side Liners
Mini Butterfly
Near | Far Formation
Offset Formations
Phantom Formations:

Phantom O | Butterfly
Split Phantom Boxes from Offset Lines | Columns
Twin Phantom 1/4 | 3/4 Tags
Twin Phantom Diamonds
Twin Phantom Tidal Waves
Quadruple/Triple formations Working (all those not done week 1)
Direction Rigger
Sandwich Call 1 Around Call 2
Shift (n)
Snag the Anyone

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