C4: Concepts, Week 1

1 By Solid of N
1 by N-Some
M by N Matrix
N Matrix
Formation Some
nth-ly Concept
nth-ly Add A Call
Fractional Twosome
Any Hand
(Double) Bent Formation
Any Supercall But
Jay Identification (Front, Back, Right, Left, Clockwise, Counterclockwise)
Finish Concept
Like A(n) Concept
Multiple Formations Working (Quadruple Working Forward and Backward only)
Quadruple Formations (e.g. Quadruple Waves, Quadruple Boxes)
Phantom Concepts:
Interlocked Phantom Lines/Columns/Boxes/Diamonds
Phantom as Couples | Tandem (Twosome)
Reverse Order
Single File
Yo Yo Concept
Anyone Work Concept
Wing Concept

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