Anki: Why and How


In order to learn square dance definitions, I strongly recommend utilizing spaced repetition systems (SRS) rather than a generic flashcard app like Evernote (or physical cards). I recommend Anki.

Note that Anki will by default only present you with 20 cards to review in the beginning; you have the whole deck but as part of SRS it only delivers some each day.

How to Import an Anki Deck


High Level Steps

  • Install AnkiDroid
  • Sign up and log in on the app
  • Get and install the shared deck of your choice
  • Study!

Detailed Steps

First, install AnkiDroid (it's free) and "sign up" once it's installed. You'll need to provide an email address that can be validated. Doing so takes you to the web version of Anki, switch back to the app once your account is validated, and log in.

Next, click the + sign in the bottom right and choose "Get shared decks". Search for the flashcard deck at the level of your choice. Click the title, scroll to the bottom and click download. Then, Open the file (at the bottom). A dialog box will pop up, click "add". It should say X cards imported, click OK and you should now have a deck to study!


There is a mobile app with a fee of $25-$30 depending on your local currency for iPhone users. It has two advantages: you don't need a computer to get decks, and you can use it in situations where you don't have an internet connection.

The mobile-optimized web-based version for iOS is free, but you will need a PC (or a friend with one) to get the deck into AnkiWeb.

High Level Steps

Detailed Steps

First, go to Ankiweb and sign up.

Next, download the Anki application onto your computer and install it. Once installed, click the "sync" button. This will prompt you to log in, use the account you created above.

Then, click "Get Shared". Search for the deck of your choice then click the title of the deck. Scroll to the bottom and click Download. Then, double-click the downloaded file at the bottom of your browser window and the PC Anki client will pop up and show notes. Close that, and you should see the deck in the PC Anki client. Click "sync" again.

Now, on your iPhone, go to Ankiweb and log in. You should see the deck and begin reviewing calls!


On a computer, to import a deck into Anki, do the following:


If you prefer to import raw data into a different product, here it is in CSV format: